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At Pantheism.com, we provide both News and Views.

News articles are fact-based accounts of newsworthy events written and edited by our experienced editors. News submissions from Pantheism.com contributors are reviewed, edited and rewritten to meet our professional news standards.

Views articles are freely written by Pantheism.com contributors and include opinions, blog posts, book reviews, academic papers, and so on.


Perry Rod

2201 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291


Perry Rod is a graduate in philosophy and government from Georgetown University. He has written and edited for several publications including being the editor and head writer for a financial news publication, Market Rap. Recently, he writes and has published about science and philosophy. Rod is the fund manager at Rod Capital Management, an investment management company, and the Chairman of The Paradise Project, the creator of this website. In his spare time, he plays music and waters his plants.

Charles Beebe

2201 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291


Charles Beebe is the Program Director for The Paradise Project, a 501(c)(3) registered advocacy group for pantheism, and the lead web developer of pantheism.com. Originally schooled in architecture, Charles has been crafting websites and editing content for over 20 years. On the rare occasions when he’s unchained from his keyboard, he sneaks away to paint, draw, and build furniture.

Connie Cuellar

2201 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291


Connie Cuellar is an admin, editor and contributor for Pantheism.com, and a Senior Fellow with the Paradise Project. A veteran journalist, Connie has published some 3,000 articles in a 20 year career, in such publications as The Heritage Newspapers, The Oakland Press, and The Huffington Post. She has served on several boards, including the World Pantheist Movement. She is a social media manager for nine online groups and pages, including her own local Michigan Scientific Pantheists, working to provide pantheists with avenues for gathering in groups. She has worked as a public relations director for a humanitarian organization through the University of Michigan. Later, she promoted her own Americana and science fiction conventions for several years, as well as managed two manufacturing facilities, raising bumble bees for distribution along with other beneficial insects for organic greenhouse growers throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. In addition, she volunteered as a Girl Scout leader for several years. Her activities include writing, philosophy, bushcraft, crochet, conservation, and science advocacy. A loving wife, mother and social activist, Connie has raised two wonderful children, and is semi-retired, focusing on her passion for a better world.

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