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    But I’ll tell you what hermits realize: If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you’ll come to understand that you’re connected with everything.

    Alan Watts

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    The multitude always strains after rarities and exceptions, and thinks little of the gifts of nature... Nevertheless it has as much right as any other to be called Divine.

    Baruch Spinoza

Etymology: pan[Greek πᾶν] + theos [Greek θεός] = ALL is GOD

Pantheism: Everything is Connected, Everything is Divine…

“Pantheism essentially involves two assertions: that everything that exists constitutes a unity and that this all-inclusive unity is divine.”
– Alasdair MacIntyre, Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “Pantheism” 1971

The belief in or perception of “Divine Unity”
– Michael Levine, “Pantheism: A non-theistic concept of deity”


Pantheism — the belief in the divine connection or unity of all things — is consistent with some of the earliest recorded human thought. But modern day pantheism goes well beyond the wonder of our pre-historic ancestors. Today, it is much more a tangible resultant of the action and reaction between Science and Religion than the ghost of speculations past. Discover the history of Pantheism, from 3500 year old Vedic poetry to our current scientific quest for a ‘Theory of Everything,’ here.


Pantheism.com is an educational site, providing information, news, groups, and connections. Celebrate your views, discuss the nature of Nature, learn about the history and ‘flavors’ of Pantheism (there are many!), find or start a local event, and in general, hang out with fellow freethinkers and travelers.  Click to learn more about the people who keep the lights on around here.



Universal Pantheist Society, est. 1975 by Harold Wood

World Pantheist Movement, est. 1998 by Paul Harrison

Ayahuasca Pantheist Society, est. 2003 by Regis A. Barbier

The Paradise Project, est. 2004 by Perry Rod

Spiritual Naturalist Society, est. 2012 by DT Strain

Religious Naturalist Association, est 2014 by Michael Cavanaugh

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