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At the heart of nature is the ocean

The ocean is my God! That is the oneness that fills the earth. Every living thing is part of this oneness even if they have never seen the ocean. Each and every single person made is made up of this ocean oneness. Naming the Oceans and seas is the same as naming different religions andmore »

Consciousness in the Universe is Scale Invariant

Is the Universe an ‘individual’ living amongst a society of Universe-individuals’ who are each experiencing internal growth of consciousness by gaining greater abilities of perception from influences both within themselves and from the individuals around them from the innate ability of self-reflection, and to reason, through the power of consciousness? This invariantly would be basicallymore »


The Illusionist

We need God to exist because we do not recognize Existence itself. We need a name for the Nameless, a form for the Formless, or we lose track of the fact that everything is nameless and formless. To understand eternity, we need a concept for an Inside that has no outside, a Presence that hasmore »


Sustainable Tips for Dining Out

You know the drill. You’re going out on the town tonight. Dinner and a movie with friends or loved ones. The waitress automatically gives you a plastic straw for your drink. There’s so much food, you can’t finish it all, so you ask for a takeout container. It’s either plastic or styrofoam. The straw goesmore »

Belief sign with a beautiful day

Why do you believe THAT?

Let’s say you love apple pie, the Tigers are your favorite baseball team, blue is the end-all beat-all of colors, you absolutely love a certain politician but loathe another, and you’re fortunate enough to practice the only true religion. You seem to have it made with all your awesome beliefs. Have you ever stopped tomore »


Meaning in a Nutshell

All these years, people have asked the wrong question. As I drank my coffee this morning I had a caffeine induced epiphany. What if we’ve had it backwards this whole time? If we reframe the question “what is the meaning of life?” and transform it into action as the statement “live life with meaning,” everythingmore »


What the “All” in Pantheism Really Means

Pantheism asserts that all physical things are divine, not that all ideologies and religious beliefs are accurate or true. The “all” in Pantheism denotes all energy/matter… as in, all objects and elements, i.e. all ‘things’ in Nature. Nature Itself is what we view as sacred and holy, not all religious systems (which each contradict themselvesmore »

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The Practice of Pantheist Mindfulness

When it comes to religion, it seems that most people are asking the question, “What do I believe?”  Even if they aren’t engaged in this kind of self-inquiry, when they meet someone with an unusual faith like ours, they want to know what they believe. But it seems to me people are asking the wrong question. Beliefsmore »


Pantheism = Applied Non-Duality

There is something so incredibly simple about pantheism that we are making way too complicated. The conceptualization of our sensory perception is based on the principle of duality –the creation of conceptual distinctions between subject and object, knower and known etc. Duality is an illusion –a very useful one, but still an illusion, like themore »


The Dual Overview Effect of Pantheism

In April 2017, a collective of space enthusiasts and provocateurs calling themselves the Autonomous Space Agency Network (ASAN) launched a weather balloon with a camera and a message for the current president of the United States of America. Billed as the “first protest in space,” it was intended to speak against the administration’s proposed budgetmore »

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