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The Odds of You Being Born Were Actually ZERO

We’ve all thought at least once about how lucky we are to have ever been born—to have been the one sperm cell out of millions that successfully fertilized the egg that eventually became you. It’s like you won the lottery! Well, not exactly. It actually goes so much further than that. Consider your family tree.more »


A Physics-Based Argument for Pantheism

Gravity is an infinite force, meaning no matter how far you separate two objects, there will always be some microscopic magnitude of gravity between them. In this way, everything in the Universe is connected in a mathematical field. Our planet is affecting the physical behavior of a star millions of light years away (and vice-versa),more »

Buddha Daibutsu, Kamakura

What Happens When You Die? Well, You Don’t!

The question of what we might experience after death causes a lot of anxiety for many people, mostly because nobody knows the answer. There are, of course, plenty of theories. I’m going to describe one you might not have heard yet, in hopes that someone will find some comfort in it. A theist, an atheist,more »


Aliens Must Exist Because Stars Are Life Factories

When you look up at the starry night sky, there are countless civilizations contained in your field of view—they’re just too far away to see. Yes, aliens exist. I can say this with confidence because a few years ago, I realized why stars and planets exist: The Universe creates them solely for the sake ofmore »

Credit: © Glebstock / Fotolia via https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/12/171205130106.htm

Quantum Entanglement May Make Distance Healing Possible

Researchers at Northwestern University have designed an experiment to demonstrate and measure quantum effects on biological systems.  As the body of work grows on the actual mechanics of quantum physics (beyond theory), more and more research is being done to understand how the quantum field interacts with living systems: read more about the NWU researchmore »

Let there be Light!

Light is really the key to understanding the correct perspective of our reality. Light doesn’t really “travel through space”, that’s an illusion. Light is emitted (transferred energy from “matter”), it is then expanded by space-time and then received (transferred energy to “matter”). In other words, light doesn’t travel through space, it’s expanded by space (moremore »


A Perspicuous Lesson

Learning a lesson is always harsh in reality but rewarding in life, as cliche as that sounds. Heartbreak is always the most tragic. Even as teenagers, it feels like the end of the world. As you get older, the feeling of heartbreak seems to just get worse. I, myself, am currently reeling from a breakmore »

Dark Energy of Contraction

As mentioned in prior posting, our reality is based within Expansion.  But without Contraction, the divergent radials of Expansion would never be able to interact and create our reality. Using an analogy of the hydration cycle in Earth’s atmosphere; water on the surface evaporates or sublinates into vapor and expands into the atmosphere where itmore »

Space Time

In previous postings, I have described the development of our universe as a continuum made up of figure 8 shaped streams of the cosmic spiral.  Our matured universe can be described as having a big bang position.  The proper perspective, of the big bang, is not a event in the past but a position withinmore »

Cosmic Spiral

In my previous post, Dynamic Equilibrium, I described the fractal unit of consciousness as a physical concept.  This post serves to expand on this idea.   Within a dynamic equilibrium, imbalance can occur which creates a transient contrast.  The force of equilibrium tends to remove any constrast.  When a self-referential wave is produced, this ismore »

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