Let there be Light!

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Light is really the key to understanding the correct perspective of our reality.

Light doesn’t really “travel through space”, that’s an illusion.

Light is emitted (transferred energy from “matter”), it is then expanded by space-time and then received (transferred energy to “matter”).

In other words, light doesn’t travel through space, it’s expanded by space (more correctly, space-time).

Light is a benefit from expansion of space-time.  But expansion of space-time affects all the contents of space-time…not just light.

The “objective observer” is needed within our science.  It’s important to completely understand the perspective of an observer, within the system, to properly interpret the results of any data.

Space-time expands spherically, whilst the observer radially translates with space-time.

Special relativity is based on the radius vs. the sphere.

General relativity is based on interactions of co-moving matter (translating through the expansion of space-time).

We even see the quantum relativity in normal scale reality, if we understand our perspective.

Spherical objects are equivalent to bells curves of position/time.

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