Who helps represent your values?


Religious groups have a direct–and daily–impact on our culture. That culture determines who leads us, what public policy we pursue, and ultimately, what we value as a society. Are the existing groups representing what you value?


Imagine a world…


  • img_help_brunostatueWhere philosophers, scientists, poets, and thinkers are displayed in art murals and statues, accompanied by information about who they are and why they are important. Today, when many people can name celebrities but not their own vice-president, art can significantly impact who and what we value.
  • img_help_billboardWhere alongside billboards that mock evolution, or promote religious intolerance, there are billboards with broad-minded messages. To think, there could be a new vision promoting peaceful ideas of connectedness, rationality, and unity.
  • img_help_websiteWhere we continue our technological development and support in order to connect and engage our thoughtful freethinking community throughout our planet with networks and events.
  • img_help_sciencemtg Where public gatherings, philosophical discussion groups, science events and meditation sessions are created not for profit, but as an effort to spread awareness of people passionate for nature, thoughtfulness, and big-picture thinking.
  • img_help_observatoryWhere planetarium-like centers in major cities have libraries, telescopes, fossils, gardens, and the like, celebrating our world as it is — a whole new take on what spirituality is all about. Imagine the impact places like this can have, in who and what we as a culture value.


For our species to survive, culture needs to grow with technology. Your time or donations go toward celebrating our planet and impacting culture. We are working on developing ways for you to choose exactly where you want us to focus our efforts, minimize our administrative costs, and maximize your impact. Stay tuned and we hope you will be actively engaged, here and now…


This website is brought to you by The Paradise Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and connecting diverse independent free thinkers who are deeply spiritual about science and nature. The Paradise Project is commited to educating, celebrating, and broadening an awareness of pantheism – the perception of Albert Einstein, Baruch Spinoza, Alan Watts, and a wide array of scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, poets, and others who teach an enlightened spiritual language and advanced definition of God – that everything, altogether is Divine; that we are a part of a unity; that paradise is here and now.


The Paradise Project is incorporated in California and permanently recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. All cash and non-cash donations are tax deductible.


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