Andrew Brodis


  • Light is really the key to understanding the correct perspective of our reality.

    Light doesn’t really “travel through space”, that’s an illusion.

    Light is emitted (transferred energy from “matter”), it is […]

  • As mentioned in prior posting, our reality is based within Expansion.  But without Contraction, the divergent radials of Expansion would never be able to interact and create our reality.

    Using an analogy of […]

  • In previous postings, I have described the development of our universe as a continuum made up of figure 8 shaped streams of the cosmic spiral.  Our matured universe can be described as having a big bang […]

  • In my previous post, Dynamic Equilibrium, I described the fractal unit of consciousness as a physical concept.  This post serves to expand on this idea.


    Within a dynamic equilibrium, imbalance can occur w […]

  • From our human perspective, we think in terms of existence vs. nonexistence. It seems impossible to get something from nothing. But nothing is actually a dynamic equilibrium. If it was a static equilibrium, there […]

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