We are Cosmic Fruit Upon an Infinite Cosmic Tree

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Here’s an oil painting I had started many years ago (around 1996). It’s my version of Michelangelo’s Adam receiving the touch of God’s finger on the Sistine Chapel, meant to express my pantheistic view that the universe is the constant causation of our existence, that God is not something beyond or outside of us or the universe, but that we and the universe are that divine thing, that each of us is like a piece of cosmic fruit (seed, egg, womb) attached to an infinite cosmic tree, and that, ultimately, each is the eternal cosmic tree. It’s still a work in progress–talk about a project that’s been on the back burner! I recently took a high resolution digital photo of it, so I could start working on it again, digitally, within Photoshop. It’s nearly complete, but there are still a lot of little things I would like to clean up and do to it. I hope all you fellow pantheists like it so far.

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