Aliens Must Exist Because Stars Are Life Factories

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When you look up at the starry night sky, there are countless civilizations contained in your field of view—they’re just too far away to see. Yes, aliens exist. I can say this with confidence because a few years ago, I realized why stars and planets exist: The Universe creates them solely for the sake of life.

Stars serve three main purposes:

1) They create the building blocks of life.

Gravity collects hydrogen atoms floating through space and smashes them together to create more complex elements that are necessary for life (oxygen, carbon, sulfur, calcium, etc.).

2) They sustain life.

As a star is stockpiling biological building blocks, it’s also releasing huge amounts of light and heat—both of which, as far as we know, are necessary for complex life to exist. When the conditions are right (or when the stars align, so to speak), life begins to form on one or more of the planets orbiting a star. These lifeforms depend on the nuclear fusion happening at the core of each and every star to survive.

3) They scatter the building blocks of life when they die.

Once a star has “reached capacity,” it collapses and then explodes, sending its divine guts sailing through space in every direction. Gravity then collects that space-dust and molds it into planets that orbit stars and hopefully contain all the ingredients for life. This means that even though our sun will inevitably destroy our planet, its life’s work will disperse and eventually manifest in entirely new planets, civilizations, and memories.

I believe the Universe is doing all of this constantly—creating, destroying, creating, destroying—because it “wants” to be alive. It “wants” to create new bodies to inhabit, through which it can enjoy experiences such as eating, sleeping, making love, laughing, running, swimming, flying, etc.

Without life, what would the Universe be but a moving diorama of rocks and fireballs in a void? There would be no one to witness the divinity that is the Universe, so there would be no point for it to exist at all. Life is by no means an accident or an anomaly. It’s happening all over the Cosmos, albeit separated by huge gaps in space and time.

Life is created by the Universe, for the Universe. And we are all the Universe.

Photo credit: NASA/SDO, HMI
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