Quantum Entanglement May Make Distance Healing Possible

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Researchers at Northwestern University have designed an experiment to demonstrate and measure quantum effects on biological systems.  As the body of work grows on the actual mechanics of quantum physics (beyond theory), more and more research is being done to understand how the quantum field interacts with living systems: read more about the NWU research project here. With these and many other projects currently underway, our understanding of the interconnected nature of reality continues to deepen.


What is Quantum Entanglement?

The most basic explanation of Quantum Entanglement is a group of subatomic particles whose behavior is shared amongst the group.  Once these particles are separated in space-time, no matter how far away the particles are taken from each other, if the property of one is changed, the other entangled particles’ properties will also immediately change to match.  Einstein at first called this phenomenon “Spooky Action at a Distance”, and for a long time after his theoretical discovery in 1935, scientists ran into difficulty proving or disproving the theory in the lab. Over the last 15 years, researchers from all over the world have developed a high enough level of technological sophistication to craft laboratory experiments to explore Quantum Entanglement further, and the results grow ever more astonishing.


What does Quantum Entanglement have to do with us?

Look down at your body.  Where did it come from?  The average human body is made of over three trillion cells; not a single one of them came from “you”.  The first two – the egg and the sperm – were provided by your parents, then as the miracle of cell mitosis began, the energy needed to sustain fetal growth came from the food, warmth, and life force provided by your mother while you continued to grow in the womb.

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Once you were born, your growth continued, but this condition would not have been possible without the constant input of fluids, food, and sunlight.  Baby formula, mushed peas, cereal, juice; all contained molecules that were broken down into atoms and integrated with your digestive system, with some atoms being taken into your body to fuel continued growth, and some atoms being expelled back out into the world.  The atoms in the peas came from a plant growing in soil potentially thousands of kilometers away from you.


Every breath you have breathed since birth contained spores, particulate, space dust, and molecules from potentially thousands of kilometers away that were taken into your lungs and either integrated into your pulmonary system or expelled back out into the world.  Sunlight that was created 150 million kilometers away was absorbed into your skin to aid the production of things like Vitamin D and Melanin.


Even without taking Quantum Entanglement into consideration, you can easily see how deeply connected your body is to the physical world and everything in it, and how in a sense, “your” body as you know it came from a million different sources other than “you”.  Layering in the concept of Quantum Entanglement, we can begin to see how deeply connected we are to the very energy flowing through the universe itself.  Quantum Entanglement can happen at the moment a group of atoms is created, or, as some research shows, it can be induced – or imposed on atoms that already exist.


What does Quantum Entanglement have to do with Distance Healing or Prayer?

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One of the many exciting prospects that Quantum Entanglement makes possible is the ability to transfer data instantaneously.  We already have the basic framework buried deep within our computer systems: binary code.  Substituting the spin direction of entangled atoms for the 0/1 state of binary code, we can instantaneously transfer a bit of data from one entangled atom to the other (or others), no matter how far apart they are.


The chasm between Science and Spirituality has been narrowing (for non-atheists) at a furious pace over the last 20 years.  It is Quantum Physics that brings us closer to an understanding of the true mechanics behind platitudes like “You Create Your Own Reality” or “You Reap What You Sow”, or phenomena like the Maharishi Effect or Lynn McTaggart’s Intention Experiments.  In the case of distance healing or prayer, a person directs a specific intention toward another person who may be in close physical proximity or thousands of kilometers away.  In a sense, the intention for healing is simply information, and as we have seen with Quantum Entanglement, information can be transmitted instantaneously, and entanglement can be induced or created.


In their paper, “The Unified Spacememory Network: from Cosmogenesis to Consciousness”, researchers Nassim Haramein, William David Brown, Amira Val Baker discuss theories on the actual quantum mechanics of the rise of consciousness and the connection between mass and energy in the universe.  They suggest that the very nature of the universe itself may be a series of interconnected “Planck-scale micro-wormhole entanglement structure of multiple spacetime coordinates [which] engender the macromolecular assemblies of living cells”. Haramein’s Resonance Science Foundation is just one of several research institutes not only seeking to uncover the secrets of the Quantum Universe, but of consciousness itself, and the nature of our interconnected condition.


Some in the scientific community may denounce the efficacy of prayer, transcendental meditation, and shamanistic healing rites as parlor tricks meant to soothe the fears of gullible people desperate for relief, but science is rapidly closing in on a dataset that may have a profound impact on our civilization in years to come.  As we hone in on true reality from both a scientific and a religious perspective, at least one thing becomes evident; everything we create in life comes first from either a conscious or subconscious intention.


Whether we intend to cut someone off on the highway or share breakfast with a homeless man on the street, whether we create a work of art or dinner for four, a foul mood or a smile, it is our intention to do something for, or to, others which puts our hearts and our physical bodies into motion.  Understanding that both our intention and our actions move out into a world reverberating with consequences and reaction is an important step in mastering our path toward greater awareness of our interconnected nature.






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