A Physics-Based Argument for Pantheism

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Gravity is an infinite force, meaning no matter how far you separate two objects, there will always be some microscopic magnitude of gravity between them. In this way, everything in the Universe is connected in a mathematical field. Our planet is affecting the physical behavior of a star millions of light years away (and vice-versa), just to a much smaller degree than cosmic bodies that are near the star.

On a smaller scale, the nuclear forces that govern the H20 molecules in a body of water—let’s say a pond—connect every one of those molecules and form a “closed” system, theoretically speaking. When you throw a rock into the pond, you see the initial plop and the resulting ripples, and then eventually the ripples disperse until the water looks the way it did before. The rock appears to only affect the water molecules within a small radius (depending on the size of the rock, obviously), but actually your throw affects every molecule in the pond. The ripples of energy passing through the atoms just become so minuscule that you’re unable to detect them with the naked eye.

What kind of ripples do you create?

Society isn’t all that different in regards to “gravitational fields,” or rather the gravity of our own personal actions. Right now I’m writing this post, which you are now reading, which you also could not possibly be reading had I not decided to take the course of action that I’m taking right now. And what is life but a constant series of “right now”s? The choices you make, whether you’re a frycook or a political figure, are constantly creating ripple effects that extend to our families and friends, then to our communities, then to our countries, and so on, lessening in degree over time (just like gravity and pond ripples).

There are billions of people on Earth constantly making choices that are creating these ripples, which sounds chaotic, but actually they are all woven together perfectly in a way that makes all of this possible. Like clockwork.

On a personal level, one’s ripple effects—or consequences of his or her actions—extend indefinitely in all directions, even beyond Earth. Even beyond death. In fact, most of these consequences we won’t live long enough to see (at least not in our lifetimes…).

Considering all of this, I posit that the entire Universe is centered or organized around (or flowing through) each individual lifeform in and of itself (as opposed to a model in which the Universe has an exact, singular center and edges). We are all temporary manifestations of the eternal, divine whole.

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