Nature is God

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We know that Nature is actually responsible for most of what religious people attribute to God- the perpetual creation, formation and maintenance of all Life in the Universe (i.e. the Deistic creative quality).

We also know that Nature is everywhere, pervading all things at all times, just as God is described as being (Omnipresent) and we know that the Omnia likewise exhibits a supernal, almost all-knowing level of intelligence (Omniscience), albeit it is an unconscious, or wholly ‘programmed’ one.

This is of course inherent in all energy/matter and manifested internally and externally as the unchanging “Laws of Nature.” We also know that It has a “will” (of a kind), to self-organize, replicate, reproduce, sustain Itself, adapt, survive, multiply, grow, develop, heal and evolve.

We know that Nature is also all-powerful, just as God is claimed to be (Omnipotence), as it is obvious that the Universe (and by extension, Nature) is the largest, most expansive, most vast and complex and impressive and majestic and all-encompassing thing there is.

We can also say, that as far as we’re concerned, It is perpetual and immortal… or at least, older and more extensive and enduring than anything we can comprehend (13.8 billion years and counting, with no end in sight!), so this would constitute another characteristic or quality of God (being eternal or infinite, etc). Now, besides these, can you think of any other qualities or attributes that the Universe/Nature actually shares in common with the concept of a theistic deity?

We know that the Omnia heals our wounds and protects us from harm just as God would (through our own immune systems and by keeping the memory of what we are supposed to look like and how our bodies should function locked deeply in our DNA), but… can we actually ‘pray’ to It? (or should we??)

Can It hear us? Can we trust It? Is It self-aware? Does it judge or condemn us as a theistic god would? Does It punish and reward? Is It concerned with goodness and mercy? Conversely, is It offended by evil and wrong-doing?

To answer all of these questions before anyone begins to think I am actually implying any of this… no, It does not seem to be intelligent in a cognizant, personal way, and It does not think and reason the way a human would, but instead appears to maintain a kind of instinctual knowledge inherent within the very fabric of reality… i.e., It is ready and willing to teach us right from wrong, through the laws of ’cause and effect.’

Moreover, outside of our own developing self-awareness, I do not believe It is conscious as one singular coherent entity, although I do postulate that this is what It was at one time (before the Big Bang), and what It will be one day again, as we universally come together, unite and coalesce as a species.

And here’s a big one: should we worship Nature as others worship God? No, I don’t believe so… although I do feel (and with a strong conviction I might add), that It does deserve the highest respect, admiration and consideration, as well as a healthy and sobering acknowledgement…

But this is not so much for Its sake as it is for our own, so that we can evolve, live symbiotically and peacefully with all of Its other constituent parts and manifestations, and thereby speed the process of self-acceptance and unity.

Aside from experiencing reality as a trillion scattered, subjective and differentiated forms… this, I do believe is the goal and the purpose for being (to achieve Singularity). As others have noted, we are ‘collectively’ the manifestation of God, together with all the plants and animals and every other living and non-living thing in existence that makes up the physical Universe.

We are not “God” in the traditional sense, we are not all powerful right now, or all-knowing and “God” is not a conscious, coherent, singular being, as is so commonly thought throughout the world of religion. This is because “God” is not awakened, except through sentient beings like us.

Right now, the physical laws of the Universe act as a kind of ‘latent’ programming or unconscious memory of God, allowing all things to be and acting as the driving force behind gravity, electromagnetism, entropy, evolution, spontaneous self-organization and awareness and consciousness in biological life forms.

There will not be true peace on Earth until human beings unite to form a colossal, symbiotic relationship with one another and become the Singularity that once existed before the Big Bang. All the details about ego, ascension, elevating our consciousness and finding balance, enlightenment and peace are part of the process of becoming whole again.

We ARE all God, but we are the differentiated, dispersed, individualized units or scattered pockets of energy that make up the potential form of God. The mind and intellect of God will not exist as a conscious, moral agent until we collectively develop OUR sense of logic and reason and establish a firm grasp of right and wrong on a global scale… this will ultimately lead to a shared morality, which will eventually end all violence and suffering and create peace.

How do we help this process? By loving and accepting one another as unique representations of the Divine and embracing one another based on our commonalities, not our differences. The illusion of distinction is so minute it pales in comparison to that which we actually share- as Earthlings, as Homo Sapiens, as Primates, as Mammals, as Animals and as Carbon-based Life forms… we are all one Being, scattered and split up into trillions of subjective forms.

We are everywhere, as God is thought to be, but we are not operating in unity and cohesion right now… likewise, only a part of God is all-knowing and intelligent and that part is relegated to the genius of DNA and the internal programming that allows all Life to self-replicate, adapt, evolve and survive, with bodily functions that operate autonomously to maintain all biological systems that grow, heal, reproduce, etc.

In all other ways the mind of God is asleep and unconscious… ‘until’ we manifest love and act with compassion and show altruism, kindness and empathy. When we do this we are in essence, becoming the ‘mind’ of God, which intrinsically ‘wants’ to love and accept Itself… though It is just now beginning to learn how, through us.

“God” is not what you think… and in order to understand why we (as God), are powerless to prevent tragedy and bring about world peace on a global scale, we must first understand the true nature of God… which is one part ultra-intelligent and prominent genius, one part ignorant and powerless mute. One part morally superior, with the highest ideals and sentient awareness possible and one part primitive, barbaric and instinctual. One part holy, sacred and divine in its beauty, intelligence and complexity and one part asleep, blind, deaf and dumb in Its current, catatonic and comatose state.

This is the Nature of the Omnia- It is growing and developing in terms of morals, ethics and ideals, even as WE grow and progress in our morals, ethics and ideals. We are a fundamental part of God, because we are the cognitive, intellectual and moral aspects of Nature… and Nature, as I have demonstrated and explained, is the one true God.

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