• Admin posted an update in the group Group logo of Dog LoversDog Lovers January 18, 2016 @ 11:20 am

    Just saying Hi to all Dog Lovers!

    • Charles Beebe replied

      Commenting seems to work fine from within the Group pages, but not from the tagged group pages (the “collection of groups” pages)

    • Charles Beebe replied

      OK, even weirder. The above comment was made on the Dog Lover Group page. Then I came back to the Environmentalism page and tried to reply to the comment. Clicking ‘Reply’ refreshed the screen, but did NOT open a comment box. However, clicking on ‘Comment’ (from the original entry, above this grey box) DID open a ‘Reply’ box. It refreshed the screen again, though. Clearly the problem lies in the tagged Group page.

    • Charles Beebe replied

      That IS interesting!

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