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    • Paul Harrison replied

      Thanks Charles. I changed the description and clicked save, but it did not show the change.
      Here’s my new description, please could you get it in there. Thanks.
      Scientific pantheism is a strongly naturalistic approach to pantheism, which encourages deep reverence for Nature and the wider Universe, caring for nature and the planet, promoting human and animal rights, and a passionate affirmation and celebration of life. It considers the Universe as a unity, sharing the same origin, interacting constantly through energy. It is centrally about feelings, passion and commitment, but takes its view of what reality is like from science and our senses. The beauty of science is that it is never static, but always learning and changing based on new evidence and theories.
      Scientific pantheists hold that brain and mind are the same thing, viewed from two aspects. We recognize the desire for personal survival after death, but encourage realistic versions of this: recycling of our elements in nature, the legacy of our actions and creations, the memories of friends and relatives. We tend to be skeptical about supernatural gods or spirits, and about the idea that reality is a projection or illusion of our minds. We tend to avoid “god” language officially because it can be misleading to others and sometimes to ourselves, but our reverence is just as deep and strong as that of people who do use god language.
      Within this pluralistic forum of and even inside each “school” group, I would like to see each version talk about its own beliefs, rather than talking negatively about each other. We have different views of reality, that’s all it is. It’s likely that none of us over the age of 30 will change what any of us believes but maybe we can learn something from each other, ask and answer questions.
      Paul Harrison

      • Charles Beebe replied

        Sorry about that, Paul. There was a bug on the Group Details page, which has now been fixed. I went ahead and added your text to the description from the backend, but that does not have the option to notify everyone of the change. If you would still like to notify them, just make a small edit to the new text yourself, check the box to notify everyone in the group, and save it. Thanks for catching a problem for me!

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