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    I write a blog that mostly focuses on my journey into some nasty brain diagnoses. And to think, it’s my very favorite organ! Here’s a recent one, but feel free to read all of ’em at fay’
    I don’t know if this has anything to do with anything, but it is real enough for me

    Tonight I felt a strong compulsion to tell people this:

    Get yourself rightside up. Don’t be angry at or hate religion, though I think it has all gone mad. The base of them are with truth. Find the truth and pitch the rest.

    All that remains, all that matters, is love and knowledge.

    *I don’t know what that means – “Get yourself rightside up.” That’s just what came to me. Sort of like a handful of salt when asked “How much salt in the water?”
    Posted by fay campbell at 12/11/2016

    • Connie Cuellar replied

      I hope you have since overcome your diagnosis. I love the line “All that remains, all that matters, is love and knowledge.” I can relate.

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