• Guyus Seralius of The Universe posted an update in the group Group logo of Beta Testing – TEXT CHANGESBeta Testing – TEXT CHANGES December 22, 2016 @ 1:15 pm

    The only possible suggestions I would give at the moment is changing some of the main menu labels and/or their order, such as changing ‘INFO’ to something warmer and inviting like ‘HOME’ or “WELCOME’ or ‘About Us,’ placing ‘NEWS’ to the far right at the end or second to last, changing ‘VIEWS’ to ‘POSTS’ or ‘FEED’ or ‘TIMELINE’ (‘VIEWS’ confused me at first and was one of the last terms I clicked on when first coming to this site. I thought that simply had to do with how many “views” and traffic this site was getting) and leaving ‘SOCIAL’ as is; that’s a good label and possibly a good position in the menu order. Another possibility is changing ‘SOCIAL’ to ‘DISCUSSIONS’. Then again, it may all be just fine as it is right now. I’m flexible. 🙂

    Ah, I’m just now noticing ‘FEED’ with a little home pictogram in a lower menu next to ‘MEMBERS.’ Was that there before (a few weeks ago)? That may work as long as visitors usually spot it within reasonable time. Keep going. It’s all looking good and seems to be more functional since I last visited.

    • Perry Rod replied

      We started out calling the tabs:

      What’s Pantheism | News | Perspectives | Community

      Then, we tried to simplify and make them shorter words. But you make great points, maybe we’ll do a poll of a few of us and try to get it better

      • Guyus Seralius replied

        Oh, I definitely like “What’s Pantheism” and “Community” as main menu label possibilities. “Perspectives” is the only one that would worry me as far as most people understanding what that label is for. I’m sure you and Charles are constantly working on this site to build it up and get it going. The other thing I’m excited to see are the member’s “About Me” section which haven’t been publicized or made visible yet. But no worries, all in good time. I’m sure you two have you hands full and will get to it when you can. I plan to post some content soon. Thanks for the quick response!

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