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    This is from a book that I am writing…

    I do not understand this assertion that evolution is dumb. I am consumed with the belief that it is exactly intelligent. Evolution inexplicably and incessantly expresses knowledge of the viable possibilities in nature through form and function in a seemingly predictive capacity as no selective breeding could possibly account for the seemingly intentional leading of mutations toward the inevitable culmination of a distantly adapted “desirable” niche occupation. Such as may be seen in the development of the bat. I assume the bat evolved from a daylight mammal of flight. So, how and where did all this evolution occur to arrive at the bat’s present state as the oddball mammal it is? Now I know bats have eyesight similar to our own and even likely better at dusk and dawn but what was supposedly the groping randomized processes that developed such dominance in this given niche of the night? What I mean is, how many dumb creatures groping in the night for insects did it actually take? the whole while flourishing in this arms race of evolution before their proficiency was realized? Or really? Bats developed in daylight? What? breeding for acute aural capabilities as any creature could use, and realized that the long-abandoned dependency on sight was no longer required, eventually disappearing into the night with its perfectly formed brain-structure to take advantage of echolocation in darkness? Maybe, it sure is useful to hone in on bugs in that fashion, likely even in daylight; because you know what? it sure is nice not to compete with birds. However, that is engendering a predictive capacity, not dumb random mutations. So which is it? Ill equipped creatures for the night developing slowly as an inadequate species as is never found in nature? or a radically planning creature on the assumption of a distant desired niche? Or do you think their perfection just stumbled into the night…
    It is demonstrable through the witness that organisms which may be considered little more than witnessing feedback loops evidently possess knowledge of their environment that should be wholly beyond their ken, evident right down to the plant. For example, the Erodium seed can scarcely be considered the product of successful reproduction whilst slowly developing an ability through trial and error culminating in proficient burrowing without invoking a hard intentional stance shedding light on the innate knowledge of available physics. But don’t even get me started on trees; the master manipulators and perfect survivors with an invaluably vital role in the ecosystem right down to the respiration of our very cells. Just suffice it to assert that trees are aware, have genetic memory, communicate looking out for one another including the sharing of resources among themselves to the extent that they sustain stumps as long as possible at no benefit to themselves. True, they don’t have any complex structure such as a brain, or even a nervous system as we; however, their responses to the environment can be thought of much in the same way as an action potential propagating through an axon… and are alive, so enough said.
    Mounting evidence of ancestral knowledge or genetic memory reconciles all of the contentions posited by the evident intelligence present in evolutionary processes until you get to the cell itself. For example, genetic memory possibly reconciles the abject absurdity of the simple fluke, that probably can’t wrap its few neurons around where the sun goes; radically possessing an intimate knowledge of an ants anatomy with the means and knowledge to manipulate its host insect by hijacking its brain and sending it on a suicidal mission into the gut of a mammal thereby acquiring the fluke’s prefered environment. As the tree of life is seemingly aware of itself with respect to large swathes of related evolutionary paths via passed down information writ in DNA. Scientists have had clues to this reality for some time now in what was dubbed instinct, which exactly is the genetic memory. Examples taking form in phenomena such as monarchs born and grown in captivity upon release naturally migrating south like every other monarch. Or a kangaroo born prematurely making the most arduous journey of its life into its mother’s pouch as if explicitly instructed. Yes, all life is communicating, but it doesn’t always have to say it to be understood. It’s not like ancient humans said, “hey, what’s up tree, grow me part of your body and I will defecate your seed across the earth.” I mean it could just be that plants truly are master manipulators, it is obvious that they’re aware of us ol’ ambulatories due to their sometimes thorny nature.
    Does this knowledge of life’s seeming awareness of itself reconcile the seeming necessity for conveyance the emergence of the seeming coevolution of flowers and bees? Was it innate knowledge? A commune of diverging paths through knowledge shared among evolutionary paths? Or did flowers just so happen to develop structures that create salient ultraviolet halos around their pedals guiding the diligent worker-bees right into their bosom? This is not simply an insect taking advantage of an available consumable life source exposed and ready for the taking, for the flower seems to be aware of the bee and its role evolved with that exact purpose of codependency, for truly, if they didn’t emerge in or near unison, those flowers would have evolved a means to propagate themselves by another method. Well maybe coevolved flowers very well did at one time have another method of propagating and with the steady grooming of bee’s distant ancestors the flowers applied trust to another branch of the tree of life and became dependant as the bee’s method was exceptionally better, not that it is baffling how a plant would have an inkling of the bees efficacy from the position of dumb evolution and a plant’s senses. In that case, what I want to know is why would a species struggling to be fit for survival in this realm give up the only mode of reproduction it has to another species in this arms race? The Beautiful circumstance of life in either case. At any rate, I may not part from the notion that the tree of life is aware of itself and accumulating knowledge as it goes working together as a whole for life to persist as a whole here, as even predators play a crucial role goading fitness and help maintain the ecosystem. It is well known that the tree of life has a single seed in common, as life’s similarities are seen throughout nature, almost without fail you may observe eye’s above a nose above a mouth unless you lose enough complexity. Not that there isn’t a great wealth of diversity to behold from the humble earthworm to the prowess of a bear, all of which perfectly taking up position with perfect form and function in a capacity excelling in a given niche, thoroughly integrated to support the entire tree as a whole in the capacity of predator consuming advanced life or prey consuming less advanced life.
    Do not mistake my use of words that only apply to sapience, I simply have not the language for brainless animate matter operating with evident purpose with nothing to blame its survival mechanism on in sight. I am not painting organisms such as flowers as conscious, but as at least sentient, by that I mean a feedback loop necessarily aware of its environment, as it at least responds to moisture as their roots seek moisture, it feels vibration as it knows when it’s being eaten and it feels rays readily evident by heliotropic flowers which track the sun through the sky… though it cannot predict the sun’s next appearance.
    I will drop the motherload on you now, as I will now give you my Pantheistic view on God but I wish to start by saying that I resent how churches always resolve problems by saying, “give it to God,” or, “ask God, He’ll take care of it”. Now I believe you can ask some things of God that Hir does have the capacity to engender, such as a soft heart. Mainly, I believe it is extremely difficult for God to exert Itself to manipulate physical things besides manifesting particles out of Hir’s own body, the very energy pervading all of space -the quantum foam- using Hir’s consciousness; light. Really what we’re dealing with here in the cosmos is simply different manifestations of light, the quantum foam and the properties of spacetime. That’s all there is. Matter, in my opinion, is something I call a fixed collapse of light. What I am saying, is it is known that light may carry information, what might be light’s natural information? It is my firm belief that matter, a fixed collapse of light is folded by the quantum foam itself (God’s body) into hydrogen to begin with. So truly, our God is our Creator, even as evolution is scientific fact. As in, the Universe is rejuvenating itself; producing matter even in the far reaches of unobservable space to eventually create the conditions suitable for more life out of the remnants of the antecedent generation of stars, never to be witnessed by us in physicality, trapped in spacetime as we are… I think it shall be known that abiogenesis may happen all on its own as a little known study points to. With the right conditions and ultraviolet light, the very building blocks of life assemble themselves all on their own. But I digress, what I wish to say, is that although there is certainly delusion among humans, humanity has had themes with their notions on mysticism. Ancients personified the entire Universe quite often I believe. Separate revelations usually have that theme I was talking about with a root meaning of everything is connected. I add nothing is lost to that, and kick it up a notch -personally- by adding consciousness to the equation. Humanity has been fascinated and expressing a belief in God or the belief that everything has an innate spirit or gods in all of nature across the globe in disconnected emergences. From the Native American’s monotheism, polytheism and animism, to the Hindu’s belief in an all-pervading supreme God that created everything in the cosmos and Its thirty three million aspects expressing nature, to Christian-Judaism’s monotheism along with the often depraved monotheism of Muslims just to start. There must be a reason so many disconnected humans developed a similar belief and I don’t think it is strictly due to a deep-seated need for mortality denial alone. There just might be much veracity in much of the human experience even if it not the extreme skepticism of a scientist undertaking humanities greatest endeavor by donning the mantle of pursuit that is defining of the laws of nature through careful empiricism establishing a deep understanding of those physics and the physicality of life itself in the cosmos.
    In my ruminations, I was then brought full circle to Buddhism and its Samsara; the cycle of rebirth and death. I am fond of Buddhism because they teach real tools that bring peace and a healthy mind. They don’t just wash their hands after giving it to God. Although I argue that Buddhism does actually practice mortality denial, if the given Buddhist so happens to carry along Buddhist supernatural belief because there must be an essence transmitted for a pseudo-continuance of a being to persist in the first place. I find truth in the notion of Samsara until a being is enlightened, or in other words a conscious state that is pure energy in a form as God Hirself. It is likely usually death and rebirth though, with a “subjectively” timeless transition in between. Our current experience of consciousness takes a powered complex organization of matter, and upon body death we lose that conscious experience, yet I believe it is writ and preserved in the information of light itself. Upon rebirth, we usually lose our previous life’s experiences, but not wholly their effect. I say usually because of the fantastically intriguing testimony of children with a lingering memory of past lives, and if you wish to believe a particular story, there is a good one of a child proving his former killer’s culpability that I’m sure you could find. Or of people awakening from a coma speaking foreign languages fluently. That’s not even pseudo-science, I know, but as you should know, delusion is a thing yet there is often a reason humanity is saying something, especially when it’s disconnected emergences. The presence of delusion and my theoretical theology and theoretical physics have me very hesitant to share all of this conjecture, especially the closely following notions I’m about to share. because misleading in such realms is extremely toxic; defeating the purpose of the entire pursuit. So believe what you will or don’t, in any case I hope you enjoy the reading.
    When we eat, the very purpose that life must consume life to persist is to reprocess the information of an essence, or eating information that is. Eating light that is. Straight from inorganic minerals right on up to corpses. Not that a new source cannot be birthed of course. It is my belief that when a male inseminates, he is inseminating his information, his genetic memory or ancestral knowledge along with a possible assimilation of a dormant essence for recycling. Genetic material might very well skew the essence of a lifeforce somewhat, but there is always an expression of the authenticity of personality with a responsibility for conduct. Yet, the sins of the father might be a thing. Predispositions of epigenetic expressions due to experience are formative. To some extent, we might very well just be along for the ride due to our present condition of physicality if we are not awake and introspective, as any old Buddhist will tell you the necessity for attaining enlightenment. At any rate, a being’s uniqueness and expression of personality are entirely owned by their essence. What of the woman? It is so very precious to be physical in the cosmos, that is exactly why the woman is sacred. The sacred womb. The egg, the raw material that takes form here, the host and gateway in this realm… I know that light is actually considered physical in science, I exclude it for convenience.
    This Universe, us? Breathing itself, eating itself, feeling itself and thinking about itself while witnessing itself or the body of Christ, is ever increasing information building while evolution becomes more acclimated through adaptation to the conditions we find ourselves herein spacetime, ever growing in complexity. Light being the natural carrier of information, or God’s consciousness, yes, light is alive. The quantum foam is God’s body.
    How may we not take the intentional stance with all life right down to the macromolecule with its seeming knowledge of its environment and industrious purpose? A macromolecule obviously “intends” to create, and to persist, quite a feat for something that can’t even think let alone have its own evident information storage to blame for its seeming intentional operation. Might we blame the information carried in the light itself? as its building blocks are themselves the fixed collapse of light? Where does it get its energy for that matter, without ATP? I’ll blame light once again. As that study shows, you may with only hydrogen cyanide autonomously assemble the building blocks of life with the right conditions and ultraviolet light. The light seemingly invigorates the macromolecule with energy. How do these little parts know where one another are? I’ll blame the quantum foam, as that’s all I know we’re dealing with here; manifestations of light, the quantum foam and the properties of spacetime. The quantum foam, or God’s body, is aware of itself. Maybe this is why when we split a photon we have spooky actions at a distance, one half perfectly reflecting the other at any distance we measure at. The quantum foam formed it, we split it, and the quantum foam says, “no, that’s is one damn thing,” as the foam is aligned somehow, connected and aware of itself as a whole.

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