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I grew up in a Catholic environment though it never sat well with me. Like something didn’t add up or make sense. Now at 38, life experiences and travel have cultivated a broader appreciation and affirmed time and again that religion is suppression of sorts, the world is constantly programmed either it be by news or entertainment of the things we should want, be and accept.. believing in a hierarchy system that some will never be able to attain, causing depression and Separateness. I have also spent 6 years in the entertainment industry of acting, and in between travelled to several “3rd world” countries volunteering to film for smaller organisations. This is where community involvement in caring for each other, working symbiotic with nature, earth and universe can be observed without being labeled and has inspired my move alway for the time being from the arts into studying natural health sciences and hoping to evolve into herbal and plant medicines… so I can be of greater help when I travel to volunteer. Reading the “what Pantheism is” on this website was perfect.
I finally found you.
You who have put into words what I have felt and observed with my whole essence 🙂
Thank you. I look forward to learning and expanding evermore…
after all, “nothing is created nor destroyed it can only be changed from one form to another”

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