• of Luxemburg, Wisconsin posted an update in the group Group logo of Scientific PantheismScientific Pantheism December 28, 2017 @ 3:23 pm

    Here is an ancient world-wide scientific approach to creation that is directly supported by Pantheism for those who don’t know about the ‘Flower of Life’.

    Linked is a short 11 minute YouTube video explaining the basics of how Everything is connected by means of a scientific system through unified consciousness (even the invention of silly old christianity).
    I highly recommend watching:

    There are maaany more books, documentaries, videos on ‘Ancient Geometry’ (aka Flower of Life) that go much more in depth about the undeniable origins of the creation of Every aspect of existence through this system.
    Who knows, this could be the thing that connects the spiritual community with the scientific community 🙂

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