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New Book of Articles About Pandeism Released

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A person who calls himself, “Knujon Mapson” (spelled backwards, “no spam, no junk”) organized a successful campaign with 100 backers (including many in the pantheism community) for a proposed book on pandeism, a doctrine that combines aspects of pantheism and deism. He raised $2,551 to put together, “A diverse collection of articles being completed by authors from all over the world on the fascinating theological theory of Pandeism.” The book is entitled, “Pandeism: An Anthology.”

The heavy 472 page book includes sixteen authors, promising to be, “the most extensive examination of Pandeism put to print in over a hundred years.” It retails for $29.95. Knujon Mapson calls himself, “a student of the revolutionary evolutionary theological theory of Pandeism, a constant contributor to various discussion fora on the topic, and an occasional coordinator of discussions amongst other pandeistic thinkers.” Nothing more is known about the book’s organizer.


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