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Examining Causality of the “Infodemic”

Scientists around the world are cringing, calling the unprecedented tidal wave of misinformation surrounding the COVID 19 virus an “infodemic.” Let’s face it. Humans are bad at spotting fake information and spread it willingly without identifying and vetting sources for accuracy. Misinformation affects everyone and can be dangerous. Today, COVID 19 inspires a cacophony ofmore »


What is “Biopantheism”?

“Biopantheism” is a Nature-based, Life-centered, ethics-driven, biologically-focused, codification of Pantheism, with a comprehensive ontology that includes a speculative, Pandeistic explanation for the origins of the Universe and a practical, real-world application that involves communion with Nature, ecological awareness, sustainable living, environmentalism, wildlife conservation, animal rights and holistic health. A unique doctrine, that places its emphasismore »

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Do I Believe in Reincarnation and an Afterlife?

As a pantheist, people often ask me whether or not I believe in reincarnation, which usually refers to the rebirth of a soul in a new body after death. For the most part, the answers is, yes. But it really depends on what is truly meant by ‘reincarnation’ or how one may personally define themore »

Faith, Mindfulness, and Chaos

As an Agnostic Pantheist, I feel it is important to define what I mean by Faith, and its hypothetical perfection. First and foremost, the “Perfection Of Faith” is a very tangible and concrete goal for me. It is a goal that outweighs the vague and ephemeral notion of happiness, although for the sake of simplicitymore »

What Is Faith For A Pantheist?

What is Faith for a pantheist? Unlike theists, our life here on earth is not only a sacred opportunity but also a sacred end in and of itself. Our spiritual destination is a moral one. Yet, we are animals. Self-conscious animals, perhaps with a dose more of life’s complexity than others. We can and aremore »


Universal Pantheist Society: Why We Incorporated as a Church

Pantheist discussion boards on the Internet these days are rife with debates about whether Pantheism can be considered a “religion” or just a “philosophy,” with vigorous arguments by both proponents and opponents. Observing these debates, I often find that opponents to the idea that Pantheism can be a religion have a very narrow, Eurocentric view,more »

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