• Perry Rod of Las Vegas posted an update in the group Group logo of Beta Testing - BUGSBeta Testing – BUGS December 27, 2016 @ 11:39 pm

    * Uploading avatar in “create a group” still has that confusing issue of having both a “Crop/Set” button and a “Finish” button which would lead many to miss the Crop/Set button and just hit Finish. Crop/Set button should just replace Finish button and should probably be accompanied by a “cancel” button so they can try a different picture if needed.

    *When I press ‘Edit’ here I get “&amp” messages after “&”

    *MOST ACTIVE GROUPS becomes ‘active’ when someone joins – disable

    • Charles Beebe replied

      I changed the wording of the ‘Finish’ button to ‘Finish Creating Group’. We really need both, since a group creator has the right to skip adding an avatar in step 3. If they use the default avatar instead of uploading an image, the ‘Crop/Set’ button never appears. I have modified the text to be more clear about these two options (default vs. custom avatars). As for the ‘cancel’ ability, it’s basically already there: if you upload a photo, it’s not set until you hit ‘Crop/Set’. If you go ahead and set it, you can ‘Delete’ it and try again if you are not happy with it. That all happens on the third page, but before hitting “Finish Creating Group.”

      I will assign the & code issue. It displays fine once you hit save, but it is confusing to see that in the edit box.

      Most Active Groups timestamp issue has been fixed — although I see you changed it to Newest Groups anyway, so it’s a moot point for now. If you change it back, it should be working, though!

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