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  • A new study published in the “Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion” claims that the internet is making more people become religiously unaffiliated.

    Sociologist Paul McClure at Baylor […]

  • * Uploading avatar in “create a group” still has that confusing issue of having both a “Crop/Set” button and a “Finish” button which would lead many to miss the Crop/Set button and just hit Finish. Crop/Set button should just replace Finish button and should probably be accompanied by a “cancel” button so they can try a different picture…[Read more]

    • Charles Beebe replied

      I changed the wording of the ‘Finish’ button to ‘Finish Creating Group’. We really need both, since a group creator has the right to skip adding an avatar in step 3. If they use the default avatar instead of uploading an image, the ‘Crop/Set’ button never appears. I have modified the text to be more clear about these two options (default vs.…[Read more]

  • The largest Christian church on the planet with over one billion members, The Roman Catholic Church, issued detailed instructions on burying the dead earlier this year. The instructions warn against, “every […]

  • Slashes appearing in posted text (on mobile)

    • Charles Beebe replied

      Those are escape marks, which the interpreter should be using internally to distinguish between quote marks in a string and quote marks as part of code–except obviously, it’s not working right. This is definitely a curious bug.

    • Charles Beebe replied

      I have just tested this on an iPad, iPhone and Desktop. Can’t replicate it yet. It may have been corrected in an update.

  • Very small input box on the phone

  • Richard Weikart, professor of history at California State University, Stanislaus, has penned a new book about Adolf Hitler, claiming, among other things, that Hitler was a pantheist. The book summary:
    “Adolf H […]

    • Perry Rod replied

      Thank you for your reply, Richard. I have not read your book nor am I an academic on the subject of Adolf Hitler. However, the contents of my article are accurate. You and your benefactors are proponents and activists of an idea – namely, creationism – that is considered pseudoscience by the scientific community. How can you be a credible teacher of history when you deny the evolutionary history of humanity and the planet?

      I have also looked at some of these authors you mentioned and they share your passion for trying to link Hitler’s pursuits with Darwinism, “nature mysticism,” etc. – and they receive similar criticisms as you have. It’s especially fitting that you highlight the authority of a 1937 Pope for “accusing” Nazism of pantheism. It’s 2016, sir, and far fewer people believe that the Pope is any kind of credible authority regarding philosophical or academic categories of theology. Only a few like yourself carry along the ancient backward tradition of using pantheism as a pejorative term.

      My guess in regards to your book is you cherry pick Hitler’s ramblings about God and due to your own clear lack of scientific sophistication, you likely confuse a wartime dictator’s appreciation for science as evidence of “pantheism”. But feel free to send me a copy and I’ll take a look. I certainly cannot bring myself to purchase something funded by an institution in favor of brainwashing and making our children less informed.

    • Perry Rod replied

      Thanks for the correction regarding funding. I have updated the article to reflect that it was funded by the California public university (which is pretty shocking, frankly).

      • Perry Rod replied

        Yes, it is shocking and disappointing that a California public institution provides research and writing funding (and tenure) for someone involved in a radical activist group aiming to brainwash public school children with anti-evolution, anti-science nonsense.

    • Paul Harrison replied

      Perry, every spirituality/religion has its black sheep.

      If you read Hitler’s Table talk – recorded by Martin Borman – for October 14th and 24th, 1941, it is very hard indeed not to come away with the idea that he was a pantheist. He was also a vegetarian and an animal lover.
      He was also a ruthless tyrant, mass murderer and crazed racist who wrecked most of Europe and caused the death or displacement of 100s of millions of people.
      As to his use or rather misuse of Darwin, “social Darwinism” was extremely popular among many right wing but also many liberal intellectuals in the second half of the 19th century.
      All social Darwinists say basically that Nature weeds out the unfit (which is true) and selects the fit.
      They go on to point out that humans, by taking care of the sick and handicapped, have put natural selection in abeyance. Which is also true.

      The key step is when they say that society should bring back natural selection and sterilize or even exterminate unfit humans.
      That is a non sequitur. It is not a scientific conclusion that follows from Darwinism. It is a political judgment.

      Today most people in Western countries (except the USA) accept the theory of evolution
      but they do not accept that society should reintroduce natural selection.

      Therefore Creationists cannot point to eugenics and Hitler to prove that Darwinism is undesirable or wrong.
      Darwinism thrives today, but no-one is suggesting we should kill or sterilize the weak and handicapped.

      Not can anyone point to Hitler to show that pantheism is wrong.
      He’s just one of our bad sheep, like Stalin or Pol Pot for atheism or Torquemada and the Borgias for Christianity.


  • A person who calls himself, “Knujon Mapson” (spelled backwards, “no spam, no junk”) organized a successful campaign with 100 backers (including many in the pantheism community) for a proposed book […]

  • Join us in our effort to help create vibrant freethinking international and local communities of thoughtful people on this planet. We are designing in a unique way that emphasizes personal interests […]

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  • Testing a \”post update\” activity

  • The 4th option on \”Post Update\” (which looks like a document) is not functioning

  • makes good use of little pictures. Anyway, when adding a link, the bottom button says “Add link” rather than “Post Update”…and yet it effectively does the same thing. Everything should say the same – probably just “Post”

    [Read more]

  • Adding images is a little more difficult with no browse function and only copy/paste link. Also, the \”Add another image URL\” lets you open unlimited empty boxes. The Cancel button is confusing because it looks like I\’m about to Cancel the post entirely.

  • Easy to put up a video. But I see no way of editing text

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