Perry Rod


  • The only possible suggestions I would give at the moment is changing some of the main menu labels and/or their order, such as changing ‘INFO’ to something warmer and inviting like ‘HOME’ or “WELCOME’ or ‘About Us,’ placing ‘NEWS’ to the far right at the end or second to last, changing ‘VIEWS’ to ‘POSTS’ or ‘FEED’ or ‘TIMELINE’ (‘VIEWS’ confused me…[Read more]

    • Perry Rod replied

      We started out calling the tabs:

      What’s Pantheism | News | Perspectives | Community

      Then, we tried to simplify and make them shorter words. But you make great points, maybe we’ll do a poll of a few of us and try to get it better

      • Guyus Seralius replied

        Oh, I definitely like “What’s Pantheism” and “Community” as main menu label possibilities. “Perspectives” is the only one that would worry me as far as most people understanding what that label is for. I’m sure you and Charles are constantly working on this site to build it up and get it going. The other thing I’m excited to see are the member’s…[Read more]

  • I originally wrote this in response to seeing this quote by Thomas Merton posted in group I belong to. I had commented earlier, to effect, that five years wasn’t enough for me. I decided to elaborate in a later c […]

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