Cosmic Spiral

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In my previous post, Dynamic Equilibrium, I described the fractal unit of consciousness as a physical concept.  This post serves to expand on this idea.


Within a dynamic equilibrium, imbalance can occur which creates a transient contrast.  The force of equilibrium tends to remove any constrast.  When a self-referential wave is produced, this is the first emmergent quality of Existence.  It contains the first 3 dimensions; Contrast, Orbit, Motion.

We can visualize these dimensions as; two points creating a line, which rotates in an area, which flows over a distance.  This is the Cosmic Spiral, the fractal unit of consciousness.

This unit exists relative only to itself…and… because it is an expanded equilibrium, its anti-unit.

The next emmergent qualities are; Expansion, Transition, Contraction.

We can visualize this as a figure 8 (or the universal symbol for eternity).  First the two cosmic spiral units are expanded into existence.  This is two lines away from the center X of the 8 (Expansion).  Next is the curves of the 8, as equilibrium tries to offset existence (Transition).  Finally, two lines that meet again at the X (Contraction).

Expansion creates the emmergent property of the “arrow of time”.

Transition is responsible for “dark matter”.

Contraction is the basis for “dark energy”.

To build our universe, we need to visualize multiple figure 8s of various sizes with all the X centers superimposed.

These center positions are what appear to us, from our perspective within expansion, as the “Big Bang”.



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