Dark Energy of Contraction

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As mentioned in prior posting, our reality is based within Expansion.  But without Contraction, the divergent radials of Expansion would never be able to interact and create our reality.

Using an analogy of the hydration cycle in Earth’s atmosphere; water on the surface evaporates or sublinates into vapor and expands into the atmosphere where it recombines into a drop that is pulled earthward.  Similarly, “matter” (wavelengths of cosmic spirals) expand away from the big bang position and recombine until they “precipitate” out of Expansion and become subject to the forces of Contraction back towards the big bang position.  In the water analogy, we are talking about different states of matter interacting with gravity vs. different states of the cosmic spiral interacting with the force of equilibrium.

When spaghettified contractive Dark Energy creates a “return flow” through Expansion, radially oriented cosmic spirals are forced together and allowed to interact.

The end result of these processes create the parallel Time flow of the matter within a galactic unit and also the intergalactic superstructure of the universe.

This parallel Time flow will be discribed further in my next posting concerning how light appears to “travel through space”.

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