Dynamic Equilibrium

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From our human perspective, we think in terms of existence vs. nonexistence. It seems impossible to get something from nothing. But nothing is actually a dynamic equilibrium. If it was a static equilibrium, there would be no potential for existence.

Equilibrium is the primary force. All things being equal, any transient production of contrast, within equilibrium, will be returned to the balanced state.

Therefore, we can conclude that there exists something that offsets the condition of “all things being equal”.

This “something” is the fractal unit of the self-referential wave, a.k.a. consciousness.

Consciousness can endure, its otherwise transient existence, within equilibrium long enough to create a cycle. A cycle is a continuum, which, in turn, creates the other requirements for our reality, such as time and space.

  • We often hear or use the term “all is one”.
    The one is the fractal unit of consciousness a physical self-referential wave.
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