Pantheism = Applied Non-Duality

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There is something so incredibly simple about pantheism that we are making way too complicated.

The conceptualization of our sensory perception is based on the principle of duality –the creation of conceptual distinctions between subject and object, knower and known etc. Duality is an illusion –a very useful one, but still an illusion, like the observable notion that things get smaller as you get farther away from them– and human logic tends to follow it as though it were absolute.

The logic of Nature is non-dual. Nature contains these conceptual distinctions, and by that I mean it limits and subsumes them, like bugs caught in tree sap that become a property of the sap as it hardens –except in this case, the bugs were never not part of the sap.

What the logic of Nature shows us is that the conceptual distinctions we create are different aspects of one thing. This isn’t speculative and it doesn’t require the suspension of human logic –it just requires recognizing how contained it is, and not making more of it than actually exists.

When we say that we use logic and reason to arrive at pantheism, this is true, but it does not stop at human logic. It must expand into the logic of Nature.

Human logic by itself tends to produce either theism (we know there must be somethingoutside the limits of physicality, and we call that something God) or atheism (there is no evidence of a separate object we can call God.)

Human logic plus Natural logic produces pantheism. “God” is a term for the union of subject and object, knower and known, extended omnidirectionally and omnidimensionally, uncointained by any conceptual limits.

Want to learn pantheism? Learn some of the constructive ways to break through the barrier you create between self and other, and follow where that leads you. There is nothing more to it.

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    Jon Hoskins May 12, 2018 at 9:10 am #

    Loved it!

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    Connie Cuellar February 2, 2018 at 6:08 am #

    Well stated. Thank you. <3

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