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There are millions of reasons to be an atheist

–go back twenty-five years in linear time and I’ll tell you most of them–

but they don’t add up to the one reason not to be: the love of God.

The most ambiguous phrase ever spoken,
a perfect void of meaning, you say?

Empty as a blank canvas….

Well, you can paint as well as I;

Has there ever been a wrong painting?

Love is the lack of wrongness; the painting is God.

You can take my definition and rip it apart

tear it into those million pieces that testify against the One.

Wonderful –now the painting is a mosaic.

Only what is partial can be broken. What is Whole will never be less.

So I’ll see your reasons, and I’ll raise you One,
for the same infinite Energy that exploded from singularity and became the cosmos

just caused you to breathe in and out,

and moved my thumb across a keypad, creating words to share with you, giving me reason to live,

and that is fucking awesome.


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