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In previous postings, I have described the development of our universe as a continuum made up of figure 8 shaped streams of the cosmic spiral.  Our matured universe can be described as having a big bang position.  The proper perspective, of the big bang, is not a event in the past but a position within the continuum, where Expansion meets Contraction.

Our perceptual reality is due to our orientation within Expansion.  Expansion is, at the big bang position, omnidirectional, that is, a spherical expansion.  This is a differential spherical expansion.

Initially, the radials are so tightly energised that it is truly sperical.  This creates the spherical “carrier wave” that make E/M radiation (Light) possible.

But since the expanding radials are actually radii, “Space” eventually develops between then.  The universal constant is the speed of the expanding radials.  This constant speed, we perceive as “Time”.

The differential between the speed of a unidirectional radial and the omnidirectional sphere creates “c” (Lightspeed).

The relative motions of our perceptual reality are deviations from the non-detectable constant unilateral motion of radial Time motion.  In other words, what happens in one second is a deviation from a straight line of about 186,000 miles.

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