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  • As a pantheist, people often ask me whether or not I believe in reincarnation, which usually refers to the rebirth of a soul in a new body after death. For the most part, the answers is, yes. But it really […]

  • Here’s an oil painting I had started many years ago (around 1996). It’s my version of Michelangelo’s Adam receiving the touch of God’s finger on the Sistine Chapel, meant to express my pantheistic view that the […]

  • There is the All. The All is everything and every thing is of the All. It is a divine system with clockwork-like precision and order, which we are all a part of. It is the ultimate body, the ultimate mind, and the […]

  • All things play a part in creating your perception. Therefore, in your perception, you should see that you are the All.

    There is your local self, that version of you that likely moves around within a vessel of […]

  • The Positive and the Negative are the two ultimate descriptive words of the All. They are the two ultimate forces, the two ultimate attributes, and the two ultimate values of the All. Understand these two forces […]

  • The universe is comprised of two main fundamental forces, the positive and the negative. This unfortunately means we will always have to deal with its negative half.

    As a pantheist, I do not view God, the […]

  • The video and article below is my response to a YouTube video posted by LordImmolation titled, “Pantheism.”
    In LordImmolation’s video (not available in this essay), he essentially asks pantheists and pan […]

  • If there is a secret to life, it is and will forever be, balance.

    The universe, overall, seems to be perfectly balanced and will likely forever remain so. I don’t think anything can ever disrupt that overall p […]

  • Does Heaven really exist? Yes, I believe it does but not in the traditional Judeo-Christian sense of the word. Respectfully, I think any idea of eternal bliss, possibly amongst the clouds, must be put aside. […]

  • In this essay, I would like to briefly discuss how I became a pantheist or, more specifically, how I went from being a theist to agnostic, to an atheist, and then finally to a pantheist. I’ve inserted three videos […]

    • Anna de Omnia replied

      Yes! Once we get it, it’s the same at its core to christians being flooded with the holy spirit. Pantheists share so much with their world religion and atheist brothers and sisters. Its an amazing place to be, to see the value of each group, to have a language to speak to both.

  • I think I figured out the problem. I tried to copy and paste one of my WordPress articles including its YouTube video link and for some reason it didn’t like that. Once I deleted the video, which did show up in the editor by the way, and manually “Add Media” and paste in the link and so forth, then it worked. I also noticed your site’s player…[Read more]

  • I just tried to post my first article and I keep getting a 403 Forbidden page which also reads “A potentially unsafe operation has been detected in your request to this site.” Does anyone know why?

    • Charles Beebe replied

      Hi Guyus, it turns out the 403 you got was due to our firewall. I think I have fixed this; I temporarily set the firewall to ‘learn’ that shared Youtube videos are acceptable as inline links within posts. When you get a chance, I would appreciate it if you could post another article with a Youtube video in it and see if you avoid the 403 response.…[Read more]

      • Guyus Seralius replied

        I will definitely be happy to try those experiments very soon, likely today, so thanks for letting me know what all you discovered, tried, and fixed!

      • Guyus Seralius replied

        I tried posting another article as a test (copying and pasting one of my WordPress essays which included images and a YouTube video) and I still got the 403 error, but as soon as I removed the video that does show up in the editor your site uses, then it posted okay. I also did confirm that I could simply paste in a link for a YouTube video…[Read more]

    • Charles Beebe replied

      Thanks, Guyus. I don’t know what’s different either…when I put the firewall in ‘learning mode’, I did manually add the link, so maybe that’s different somehow from copy-pasting a previous WP post with the links already inline. To my mind, it shouldn’t make any difference, but obviously it does somehow. Out of curiosity, did you copy paste from…[Read more]

  • The only possible suggestions I would give at the moment is changing some of the main menu labels and/or their order, such as changing ‘INFO’ to something warmer and inviting like ‘HOME’ or “WELCOME’ or ‘About Us,’ placing ‘NEWS’ to the far right at the end or second to last, changing ‘VIEWS’ to ‘POSTS’ or ‘FEED’ or ‘TIMELINE’ (‘VIEWS’ confused me…[Read more]

    • Perry Rod replied

      We started out calling the tabs:

      What’s Pantheism | News | Perspectives | Community

      Then, we tried to simplify and make them shorter words. But you make great points, maybe we’ll do a poll of a few of us and try to get it better

      • Guyus Seralius replied

        Oh, I definitely like “What’s Pantheism” and “Community” as main menu label possibilities. “Perspectives” is the only one that would worry me as far as most people understanding what that label is for. I’m sure you and Charles are constantly working on this site to build it up and get it going. The other thing I’m excited to see are the member’s…[Read more]

  • Here is one of my very first YouTube videos I made to express my pantheistic views, which most pantheists seem to really like.

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