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“Be Balanced” by Guyus Seralius, © 2012. All rights reserved.

Be Balanced

If there is a secret to life, it is and will forever be, balance. The universe, overall, seems to be perfectly balanced and will likely forever remain so. I don’t think anything can ever disrupt that overall perfect balance. However, from the perceiver’s perspective, the world is seen to be very out of balance, for perfectmore »


Heaven vs Hell: Do They Exist?

Does Heaven really exist? Yes, I believe it does but not in the traditional Judeo-Christian sense of the word. Respectfully, I think any idea of eternal bliss, possibly amongst the clouds, must be put aside. Heaven is where ever and when ever one can find it. Heaven is not a permanent place, but a statemore »


How I Became a Pantheist

In this essay, I would like to briefly discuss how I became a pantheist or, more specifically, how I went from being a theist to agnostic, to an atheist, and then finally to a pantheist. I’ve inserted three videos communicating this essay for a more visual and visceral experience and for those who don’t enjoymore »


The Myth of Ego

The ego is nothing more than a self-aware organism’s experience of itself. That’s it. It isn’t a “thing” and it isn’t really synonymous with anything that can be called a thing –certainly not your organism itself, unless you are constantly aware that you are growing hair and pumping blood and doing billions of other activities.more »


Death, afterlife, before life? What’s the difference?

A long post I wrote in a debate about consciousness, life, death and the afterlife.  Posted here for posterity.  Read it if you wish: —————————————————————————– I don’t fear death any more than I feared birth. What’s to fear? Dying painfully, maybe. But even under the worst conditions that is still a brief segment of time,more »


Finding my religion…

I originally wrote this in response to seeing this quote by Thomas Merton posted in group I belong to. I had commented earlier, to effect, that five years wasn’t enough for me. I decided to elaborate in a later comment and what follows is that comment, edited slightly for context: Thirty years ago I wasmore »


The Intersection of Dualist Pantheism and Geo-Mutualist Panarchism

This Text Can Be Found in the Book,  The Evolution of Consent: Collected Essays (Vol. II) evolutionofconsent.com   Introduction The two philosophies explored in my work most include dualist pantheism and geo-mutualist panarchism. Dualist pantheism, of course, is a metaphysical position, while geo-mutual panarchism is a position relating to political economy. This essay will exploremore »

The Eternally Perfect and Absolutely Necessary ALL

This Text Can Be Found in the Book,  The Evolution of Consent: Collected Essays (Vol. II) evolutionofconsent.com My beliefs are often found to be controversial. Not the least controversial of my ideas, are my beliefs that the Universe— The All— is eternal, necessary, perfect, and absolute. Being eternal, the Universe spans all of time, frommore »


The Duality of Perspective and the Spectrum of Reason

This Text Can Be Found in the Book, The Evolution of Consent: Collected Essays (Vol. I) evolutionofconsent.com Introduction The world seems to be a very divided place. Duality seems to be a common aspect of our Universe. We will be taking a look at the duality and spectrum inherent in our perspective. Beginning with themore »


God, Bees, and the Choices We Make

This Text Can Be Found in the Book,  The Evolution of Consent: Collected Essays (Vol. I) evolutuionofconsent.com God and the Bees I’ve learned so much about existence just from having a garden. No, not just from the books I’ve read about it!, but by being able to immerse myself in life, and to surround myselfmore »

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