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Pantheism: Not Just “Sexed-Up Atheism” Anymore

Are you bored of the endless debate between evolutionists and creationists, theists and atheists? Not sure which is more ridiculous: Hollywood’s War on Religion or Hollywood’s War on Unbelievers? Did the whole “Ham on Nye” charade leave you shaking your head, wondering how we got into this dichotomous mess and what a third voice would soundmore »

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Carl Sagan on ‘Alternative Facts’

Following a dispute over inauguration crowd size, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer rebutted the press, referring to “alternative facts.” The Twitterverse lit up in response. One very popular meme now making the rounds is this quote from Carl Sagan, taken from his 1995 book, “The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark”: “Science ismore »


Death and Compost

I’m signed up with an organization that will collect my body, when I’m no longer using it, and use it for scientific purposes.  My family won’t have to worry about body disposal.  They can do a memorial for me, if and when and how they wish.  Of  course, I’ll be leaving very specific instructions andmore »

Prayer, meditation, and the nature of being conscious.

Recently I’ve been involved in several threads (and debates) based on such ideas and decided to write a short note to help keep my thoughts on the topic(s) in memorandum. In defense of the above meme (yes, I thrive on being offered the chance to play the devil’s advocate!), I have claimed that no one,more »


Quit Thinking So Much

The ability to reason well is a gift, but like politics on Facebook, it’s easy to get stuck in an echo chamber of our own making. As Alan Watts points out, quieting our mind is essential to avoiding vicious circles.

Star Field by NASA’s Hubble Telescope

The Forever All

There is the All. The All is everything and every thing is of the All. It is a divine system with clockwork-like precision and order, which we are all a part of. It is the ultimate body, the ultimate mind, and the ultimate spirit. It is not the created, nor is it the destructible. Itmore »

“The Great Epiphany” by Guyus Seralius, © 1993-2010. All Rights Reserved. Digital Painting

You are The All

All things play a part in creating your perception. Therefore, in your perception, you should see that you are the All. There is your local self, that version of you that likely moves around within a vessel of human flesh at the moment, a subset of the All that forever grows, changes, and which willmore »

“Darkness and Light” by Guyus Seralius, © 2011. Photoshop

The Positive vs The Negative–The Yin and The Yang

The Positive and the Negative are the two ultimate descriptive words of the All. They are the two ultimate forces, the two ultimate attributes, and the two ultimate values of the All. Understand these two forces and how they interact and you will be very close to understanding the theory of everything. The All ismore »

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Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

The universe is comprised of two main fundamental forces, the positive and the negative. This unfortunately means we will always have to deal with its negative half. As a pantheist, I do not view God, the Supreme Being that is the universe, to be an entity which is all good and considerate and which alwaysmore »

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Why I View the Universe as God

The video and article below is my response to a YouTube video posted by LordImmolation titled, “Pantheism.” In LordImmolation’s video (not available in this essay), he essentially asks pantheists and panentheists, “Why view the universe as God?” Because he feels it merely adds confusion to the already complex subject of the universe, and I ammore »

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