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Meaning in a Nutshell

All these years, people have asked the wrong question. As I drank my coffee this morning I had a caffeine induced epiphany. What if we’ve had it backwards this whole time? If we reframe the question “what is the meaning of life?” and transform it into action as the statement “live life with meaning,” everythingmore »

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The Practice of Pantheist Mindfulness

When it comes to religion, it seems that most people are asking the question, “What do I believe?”  Even if they aren’t engaged in this kind of self-inquiry, when they meet someone with an unusual faith like ours, they want to know what they believe. But it seems to me people are asking the wrong question. Beliefsmore »


Pantheism = Applied Non-Duality

There is something so incredibly simple about pantheism that we are making way too complicated. The conceptualization of our sensory perception is based on the principle of duality –the creation of conceptual distinctions between subject and object, knower and known etc. Duality is an illusion –a very useful one, but still an illusion, like themore »


The Dual Overview Effect of Pantheism

In April 2017, a collective of space enthusiasts and provocateurs calling themselves the Autonomous Space Agency Network (ASAN) launched a weather balloon with a camera and a message for the current president of the United States of America. Billed as the “first protest in space,” it was intended to speak against the administration’s proposed budgetmore »


Nature is God

We know that Nature is actually responsible for most of what religious people attribute to God- the perpetual creation, formation and maintenance of all Life in the Universe (i.e. the Deistic creative quality). We also know that Nature is everywhere, pervading all things at all times, just as God is described as being (Omnipresent) andmore »


The Nature of the Omnia

There is to be found in Nature, an incredible, all-encompassing life-force or power, which I call the “Omnia” (Latin for ‘all’ or ‘everything’). This word not only denotes all energy/matter in the physical Universe, but also the innate quality of that matter, through the laws of Nature, to self-organize, replicate, move toward complexity and (inmore »


Do Pantheists Have Souls?

I have always admired C.S. Lewis with the respect due to a loyal opponent. He certainly wasn’t a mystic Christian, but he was no mindless fundamentalist. Although an apologist for a state religion I cannot condone or glorify, Lewis always wrote with a strong heart and intellect, and his arguments, though too boxy for mymore »

The Green Man

The God of Naturalism

In my interactions with the hundreds of other Pantheists I’ve met online, I’ve encountered an extreme medley of diverse and sometimes contradictory beliefs, with distinctions that cover the whole spectrum of thought and views that run the gamut between the extremely open-minded, New Age or Eastern-influenced mysticism, to the empirical, evidence-only materialist or reductionist Atheist.more »


“True Spirituality”

The words, “spiritual” and “spirituality” mean different things to different people, but in the Pantheist community, it generally means a heightened awareness of reality, a deeper consideration for the natural world and our place within it; a more pervasive, expansive and preeminent knowledge of self and the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things. And addingmore »


Pantheism, Part 2

A follow up I wrote to “Pantheism, a collection of quotes” I shared part 1 widely and quickly realized that what I had meant as a simple introduction to the philosophy seemed to create at least as many questions as it attempted to answer. I submit “part 2” as an attempt to elaborate on somemore »

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