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Let there be Light!

July 18, 2018 in Views

Light is really the key to understanding the correct perspective of our reality.

Light doesn’t really “travel through space”, that’s an illusion.

Light is emitted (transferred energy from “matter”), it is then expanded by space-time and then received (transferred energy to “matter”).

In other words, light doesn’t travel through space, it’s expanded by space (more correctly, space-time).

Light is a benefit from expansion of space-time.  But expansion of space-time affects all the contents of space-time…not just light.

The “objective observer” is needed within our science.  It’s important to completely understand the perspective of an observer, within the system, to properly interpret the results of any data.

Space-time expands spherically, whilst the observer radially translates with space-time.

Special relativity is based on the radius vs. the sphere.

General relativity is based on interactions of co-moving matter (translating through the expansion of space-time).

We even see the quantum relativity in normal scale reality, if we understand our perspective.

Spherical objects are equivalent to bells curves of position/time.

Dark Energy of Contraction

May 31, 2018 in Views

As mentioned in prior posting, our reality is based within Expansion.  But without Contraction, the divergent radials of Expansion would never be able to interact and create our reality.

Using an analogy of the hydration cycle in Earth’s atmosphere; water on the surface evaporates or sublinates into vapor and expands into the atmosphere where it recombines into a drop that is pulled earthward.  Similarly, “matter” (wavelengths of cosmic spirals) expand away from the big bang position and recombine until they “precipitate” out of Expansion and become subject to the forces of Contraction back towards the big bang position.  In the water analogy, we are talking about different states of matter interacting with gravity vs. different states of the cosmic spiral interacting with the force of equilibrium.

When spaghettified contractive Dark Energy creates a “return flow” through Expansion, radially oriented cosmic spirals are forced together and allowed to interact.

The end result of these processes create the parallel Time flow of the matter within a galactic unit and also the intergalactic superstructure of the universe.

This parallel Time flow will be discribed further in my next posting concerning how light appears to “travel through space”.

Space Time

May 31, 2018 in Views

In previous postings, I have described the development of our universe as a continuum made up of figure 8 shaped streams of the cosmic spiral.  Our matured universe can be described as having a big bang position.  The proper perspective, of the big bang, is not a event in the past but a position within the continuum, where Expansion meets Contraction.

Our perceptual reality is due to our orientation within Expansion.  Expansion is, at the big bang position, omnidirectional, that is, a spherical expansion.  This is a differential spherical expansion.

Initially, the radials are so tightly energised that it is truly sperical.  This creates the spherical “carrier wave” that make E/M radiation (Light) possible.

But since the expanding radials are actually radii, “Space” eventually develops between then.  The universal constant is the speed of the expanding radials.  This constant speed, we perceive as “Time”.

The differential between the speed of a unidirectional radial and the omnidirectional sphere creates “c” (Lightspeed).

The relative motions of our perceptual reality are deviations from the non-detectable constant unilateral motion of radial Time motion.  In other words, what happens in one second is a deviation from a straight line of about 186,000 miles.

Cosmic Spiral

May 27, 2018 in Views

In my previous post, Dynamic Equilibrium, I described the fractal unit of consciousness as a physical concept.  This post serves to expand on this idea.


Within a dynamic equilibrium, imbalance can occur which creates a transient contrast.  The force of equilibrium tends to remove any constrast.  When a self-referential wave is produced, this is the first emmergent quality of Existence.  It contains the first 3 dimensions; Contrast, Orbit, Motion.

We can visualize these dimensions as; two points creating a line, which rotates in an area, which flows over a distance.  This is the Cosmic Spiral, the fractal unit of consciousness.

This unit exists relative only to itself…and… because it is an expanded equilibrium, its anti-unit.

The next emmergent qualities are; Expansion, Transition, Contraction.

We can visualize this as a figure 8 (or the universal symbol for eternity).  First the two cosmic spiral units are expanded into existence.  This is two lines away from the center X of the 8 (Expansion).  Next is the curves of the 8, as equilibrium tries to offset existence (Transition).  Finally, two lines that meet again at the X (Contraction).

Expansion creates the emmergent property of the “arrow of time”.

Transition is responsible for “dark matter”.

Contraction is the basis for “dark energy”.

To build our universe, we need to visualize multiple figure 8s of various sizes with all the X centers superimposed.

These center positions are what appear to us, from our perspective within expansion, as the “Big Bang”.



Dynamic Equilibrium

May 26, 2018 in Views

From our human perspective, we think in terms of existence vs. nonexistence. It seems impossible to get something from nothing. But nothing is actually a dynamic equilibrium. If it was a static equilibrium, there would be no potential for existence.

Equilibrium is the primary force. All things being equal, any transient production of contrast, within equilibrium, will be returned to the balanced state.

Therefore, we can conclude that there exists something that offsets the condition of “all things being equal”.

This “something” is the fractal unit of the self-referential wave, a.k.a. consciousness.

Consciousness can endure, its otherwise transient existence, within equilibrium long enough to create a cycle. A cycle is a continuum, which, in turn, creates the other requirements for our reality, such as time and space.

  • We often hear or use the term “all is one”.
    The one is the fractal unit of consciousness a physical self-referential wave.

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